What is Israeli method?
Many terror often occur for its position of the country in Israel. Therefore the bodyguard of Israel is the strictest in the world. Our leader of bodyguard leaned the techniques of bodyguard from a person who was a bodyguard of politicians in Israel. So the techniques were introduced to our company.
Can anyone request a bodyguard?
We solve problems by stalker, threat or sneak.
Consultation is free. Please contact us.
I suffer from someone's stalking I don't know.
We judge the danger after detailed interview with a client. After that we keep your safety with investigation. At the same time Investigation team obtain information of a stalker and its evidence. And no matter who is the stalker, we keep your safety and solve your problem.
Though I will marry, I suffer from stalking by former man. I want to solve it before someone know.
We solve your problem as you like to have it. We can investigate and solve the problem without someone's knowing.
A former man has my naked pictures. Though I want to take it back, I don't know how to do.
We can be with you to support and keep your safety when you negotiate with him.
I lent money to my friend, but he never repays it. Will you collect it?
If you feel any danger(for example, your opponent is like a gang), we will be with you when you negotiate with him. But we cannot collect it instead of you.
How much is the fee to have wiretaps found?
The fee is \30000 for one room. The expense is \5000 for Tokyo 23 ward.
The fee depends on the size of the building and the place of your house.
I have a plan to go to Africa. Can you come with me as a bodyguard?
We have a bodyguard who was in the French Foreign Legion who was active in Africa and Latin America. So he can go with you as a bodyguard and interpreter. Our company has a contract with a security company in France. It has agencies in 185 countries. Therefore we can know the exact information of its security on time. We are connected with the agency on the spot. If an internal trouble occurred, you could escape to near countries.