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Can you alone fight against an invisible stalker?
Many people tend to think of stalkers as insane or pervert. But most of stalkers are people you know. In fact, according to the statistics of America, more than 70% of stalkers were former men or wife or lovers.
In Japan, a law against a stalker is not enough yet. Therefore our company of bodyguard is highly needed. We are active for people who suffer from crime by stalkers, making a use of our capacity of investigation and guarding.
○ Bodyguard
○ Investigation of hidden microphone and camera
○Obtaining the evidence of stalking
(Recording it by camera and video)
(Place he lives. Company he works for)
○Signing on agreement
○Handing in documentary evidence to police
○We continue the investigation until making sure youユre safe.
Regulation against stalker
Regulation against stalker means law on stalking which was made in 2000.
The law indicates eight contents on stalking.

1, Following, ambush, disturbance to one's way
2, To notify that he watches you
3, Demand to meet or make a relationship
4, Violent languages
5, Silent call, consecutive facsimile
6, Sending filth and body of animals
7, Telling something to disgrace
8, Act to disgrace the sexual sense of shame

When the above will be done repeatedly and the sufferer inform to the police about it, the police is able to warn the assailant to stop it. If he doesn't stop it yet, public safety commissioner in Japan will listen to the details and will give him an order of prohibition. If he doesn't follow the order, he will be sentenced within one year's penal servitude or will be fined under 1.000.000yen.