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Under the present circumstances in Japan, there is the main stream of home security utilizing remote observation system. But can you say it is enough to use the system for that to ensure against any risk? As you know, such kind of system has the weak point of causing a time-lag in emergency from a report to the police until its arrival, allowing an offender to commit a crime and run away.
Guard at one’s private residence, in the case of Europe, means that a guard stays permanently at your home to protect yourself, your family and property, when the occasion demands, at the same time making use of a home security camera, an infrared ray sensor, and the like.
We can provide the same service, continuously stationed at your house for your home security.
In addition, though in Japan there may be many people who think they do not want neighbors and others to know of the existence of security guards at their home, we, comparing the trouble that you have with its degree of danger, are able to be on the alert for emergency in an unnoticeable place outside your house. Under such a situation, we regularly make our rounds around your house, making you have an emergency report button, which enables us to run to your house within 15 seconds. We will do our best in consideration of that you and your family can lead daily lives without feeling the stress.

When we, bodyguards protect you, an offender will give up attacking you. But, in compensation for that, the possibility of his target changed to your family will be by far the highest. You should be more careful especially when you have young children. We will generally protect you and your family. In the case that we judge not only you but your children to be in danger, we can accompany your children when they are on their way from home to school and vice versa. If your child is a girl and you need a woman guard, do not worry about that because we have some women guards. (It is possible for us to wear plain clothes when taking your children to and from school.)
Besides, in the present state of Japan, even if you are not in any danger, the number of the cases is on the increase that a pervert or a mean person commits an outrage on a child and kidnap. We would always be glad to accept your consultation about making surroundings in which you can send your children to school with peace of mind.