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We can provide you a bulletproof car at your proposal.
This car, Century, is similar to normal one from outsides. It has a special system of bulletproof that can control any damages and break away from the spot quickly. Its control system of security is connected with police and fire service. Therefore you can get public back up.

A : Special bulletproof panel is involved in half panel, front panel, pillar, sheet panel and doors.

B : Special piled polycarbonates orb bulletproof glass is used. Not to change the outlook, it uses the special glass whose shape is similar to normal one. And it absorbs the moving energy of the bullet. Therefore the fragment of the bullet never comes into the room. Our bulletproof glass improved the glass (NU-A) that was approved from department of justice in the United States. It is the lightest and thinnest bulletproof glass that can stop FMJ and MSJ

When we change a car to bulletproof car, it is the most important to avoid gaining weight carefully. Therefore we use special material inside of the car. The material is lighter than metal armor and moreover it can be used to any type of bodies. This composite armor and the panel which defend a car from bomb attack can also protect against a hand grenade and mine to person.

When normal battery is shot, electrolytic solution will flow out, and the engine will stop before long. So we use a special battery not to use electric solution. Even if this battery is shot, the voltage and electric power do not fall for long hours. And it is the same even if the car is upside down.

Even if the fuel tank is shot, it will not explode. The tank has a special structure used in military.

Run guard system can make it possible to continue to drive even if the tires blow out. But you can feel comfortable to drive because it is ordinary not touched on tires.

If you push a button in an emergency, it will be connected with HELPNET CENTER with military phone. And GPS will automatically tell him where you are. And you will be able to talk on hands free system (phone). You don't have to know where you are. HELPNET CENTER will know your situation and ask nearest police or fire service and JAF to come over.