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The bodyguard has to know what he should do. They have to have total techniques to play their roles.

The bodyguard should know they are responsible for their clients. Moreover they must not injure their reputation. Client's security is given priority.
The most dangerous moment is when we move. Moving also involves meeting at various places. It is very important that we forecast enemy's action. The bodyguard need careful investigation and should know what the danger is. We can get correct information by the investigation, as what kind of danger we are in the face of. Therefore our operations can be effective. Analysis of danger leads to the best operation of bodyguard.

Our company adopts Israeli method of bodyguard.
We promise you the best bodyguard.

We make team of bodyguard corresponding to the danger and give you the best security for your life, estate and position.

We can go to meet your important guest at the station or airport and escort them to the destination.

We escort you when large sum of money is transported.

We guard you as general meeting of stockholders, discharge of employ, arbitration of divorce, receiving an inheritance and troubles with customer.

When you go out we guard your family and estate. We can also guard your home when you aren't at home for a long time.

We can be stationed at your office and guard you from danger.

(For example, America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America)